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About Neycko

Read the sory behind Neycko trousers

We couldn’t find the perfect pair of pants. So we made them.

My days are never the same. Some days my job has me commuting from one meeting to the next, from tee time to networking event, while on other days I’m glued to the desk. Often it’s hard to say what kind of day it will be. Therefore my outfit needs to be ready for anything. I want to feel comfortable, but also look smart and be confident. To dress up or dress down is usually a matter of adding or shedding a blazer. It’s the trousers that always complicate things. I found that no pair of jeans, chinos or suit bottoms ticked all the boxes. Over the years I must have tried them all, from fast fashion to high street. The solution was in front of me all along.

My father has over forty years of experience as a tailor in the (corporate) fashion industry. Together we set out to create an all-purpose pair of pants: comfy like sweats, yet plenty classy to be paired with a suit. The key to the solution was to source the right fabric, and ultimately we landed on a high quality, durable yet soft jersey. The perfect canvas for my dad’s craftsmanship, who designed the form-fitting, timeless garment I was missing.

Soon these pants were all I wore. The story seemed to stop there. Until I was asked where I got them, and I realized that many people shared my frustration. Before I knew it, a small family business was born. We founded Neycko in 2020.

Rick, Tim en Nico Ros

Founders Neycko

Best quality

Unique fabric that provides optimum comfort, stretchability and shape retention Looks like neat trousers, wears like sweatpants.

30+ years experience

Neycko was founded in the Netherlands and born out of pure craftsmanship


Neycko trousers are designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in Europe.

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