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What are cookies?

Below you can read more about the 3 different categories of cookies that Neycko (“Neycko”) uses on the website https://www.neycko.com (the “Website”). Cookies are small, simple text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone via our Website when you visit our Website. The cookies we use on our Website do not retain any personal information, such as your password, name, address or age. The cookies only remember your preferences and interests. We use cookies for various reasons.

1. Necessary cookies
Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of our Website. These cookies contribute to safe browsing. If your browser does not accept necessary cookies, you can not use our Website or only to a very limited extent.

Necessary cookies we use :

  • WordPress cookies.

2. Statistics cookies
We strive for the highest possible user experience. To achieve this, we use cookies that collect information about the use of our website.

Statistics cookies we use:

  • Facebook Pixel Tracking.
  • Google Analytics.

3. External cookies
Some websites place cookies on your computer to establish a user profile. This is used in order to perform targeted advertisement to you both on that website and on subsequent websites (like for example on facebook).

External cookies we use: none.

Click here for a full list of the cookies we use.

How can you block or delete cookies?

Do you prefer that Neycko not place any cookies at all on your device? You can block or delete these cookies yourself via the privacy settings of your browser. The website may as a consequence function less optimal, or even not function at all. See the explanation above for “necessary cookies”.

Block cookies
Do you want to prevent new cookies from being placed? You can turn off the possibility that cookies are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile. There are various ways to block cookies. You can block all cookies, block a specific type of cookie or block cookies from certain websites. You can do this yourself through the privacy settings of your browser. When cookies are blocked, all cookies remain that were already present on your computer, tablet or mobile. It’s best therefore to remove all your already placed cookies in addition to blocking.

Delete cookies
Do you want to delete all cookies on your computer? No problem. But keep in mind that by removing cookies you will experience less user convenience when you visit websites. Certain settings will no longer be saved and you may miss out on relevant offers. Incidentally, cookies will be stored on your computer, tablet or mobile after every internet visit, unless you have blocked the placement of new cookies.

The settings for removing cookies can be found in the toolbar of your browser. You can read more about this on the websites of the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Do you use Safari? Safari blocks advertiser cookies by default. You can change this setting by clicking on the symbol for settings at the top right. Then go to ‘Preferences’, tab ‘Privacy’.