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Neycko trousers

In Dutch, we call them ‘pantalons’. In English you might call them dress pants. Typically, they come in wool, cotton or polyester, or some combination of fabrics.

All of these fabrics suffice, and can look quite elegant. But even the most exclusive worsted wool is not comfortable in all situations. Linen is nice in summer, but only in summer. For slim fit pants in particular, I never found a truly comfortable material for every time and place. What if there were a catchall fabric? There is, as it turns out.

Neycko pants are suitable for anyone looking for comfortable and durable pants that wear like sweatpants. The Neycko trousers are of high quality and have a perfect fit.




Like most high-end fabrics, it is made in Italy. The jersey used for Neycko trousers is stretchy in all directions, does not peel and barely wrinkles. It breathes like linen yet warms like wool. The unique stretchability and shape retention comes from a combination of microfiber (74%) and lycra (26%), which enhance comfort. In doing so, it retains its shape and perspiration is transported to the outside where it quickly evaporates. The fabric is widely used in the sports industry but you see it more and more in the apparel industry.

Slim fit, away with the traditional fit

We designed these trousers to suit a timeless silhouette. They hug your figure in the way a classic ‘pantalon’ does. Because the fabric is so light, they never feel constraining, and its resilience means the trousers retain their shape. This allows us not to compromise on the fit. Want to know which size fits you? Then click here for our size chart.

No iron needed

We’re talking about an “easy care” fabric here. In other words, the pants do not need to be ironed! The unique and flexible stretch fabric makes the pants easy to maintain. You can wash these pants at up to 30 degrees. The fabric dries quickly, therefore the pants do not need to be tumble dried but you can hang them out immediately after washing.

Easy to lengthen or shorten

Not everyone has the same length measurement. Therefore, Neycko trousers are available in two lengths, Short (77 cm) and Long (84 cm). The hem of the Short Neycko trousers has a few extra inches as standard, so you can lengthen them if necessary. Simply cuff the pant legs to shorten them.

No belt

You won’t need a belt–they fasten with a flexible strap.

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